In addition to creating content for, running our own publishing properties, and contributing to other business and marketing sites, we also offer content marketing services.

Our core areas of expertise are generating new traffic, leads, and sales for businesses of varying sizes. We have a background in online marketing and particularly search, so we tend to focus efforts on measurable, acquisition oriented content marketing strategies.

We are taking on new clients, but because we (Ken and Tom – the co-founders of Cornerstone Content and Measured SEM LLC) are involved directly in each and every client account (and because we’re busy) we only work on accounts with at least a $5,000 monthly retainer, only work on accounts where we feel we can be effective, and typically map out a six month project plan. Our contracts have a 30 day out so that we’re never working with unhappy clients stuck in a contract they don’t want to be in, but getting momentum frequently takes time (at least a few months) and costs money, so we map out that time-frame to help set expectations. Similarly, if you don’t have any internal resources to work with us on things like being able to get topic ideas approved, get content live on your site, etc. the relationship isn’t likely to be successful.

If you’ve read our content here or elsewhere and all of this sound like it could be a fit, feel free to send a note to Tom Demers at tom at cornerstonecontent dot com to see if we can work together.