Internal linking for SEO: 3 key best practices

Internal Linking for SEO (Strategy, Structure, Tools, & Tips)

There are not a lot of internal linking enthusiasts in the world. Even some of the nerdiest, most hard core SEOs absolutely hate internal linking. In general it really is a chore. It’s time-consuming, it can be confusing, and most people find it boring. The good news is that all of that can be a […]

An image representing the process behind query deserves freshness from Google's patent filing

Always On Time: Last Updated & Published Time Stamps & SEO

“This specification describes how a system can adjust a score for a search result that identifies a resource and was obtained in response to a search query to reflect both how “fresh seeking” the query is and how “fresh” the resource is. In general, the system boosts the score for a “fresh” search result if […]

A picture of polaroid images

Are Your Blog Images Ready for Evolving Google SERPs?

Hand up: I’m not a super “visually creative” person and I haven’t always put a ton of time into thinking through images for blog posts I’m creating or reviewing. (If I’m being honest, there will probably be issues with images in this post). If you’re creating an infographic or doing a post that’s very visual, […]