About Us

What is Cornerstone Content?

We are a site dedicated to people (hopefully like you) who would benefit from a real business (their own, their employers’, or their clients’) driving more actual traffic, getting more leads, getting more sales, growing revenues and most importantly growing profits.

At an extremely high level, we’re a content marketing site focused on actionable information for marketers, publishers and small (as small as one person) business owners. What does that mean in terms of the content we publish?

We focus on producing (and highlighting) highly specific, actionable, process-driven, results-oriented content. This means we publish a variety of different content types, like:

  • Massive Authoritative Guides: These are thorough, comprehensive, highly informative undertakings on very specific subjects
  • In-depth Walk-Throughs: where we take you step by step through specific processes, with sharable results and case studies
  • Comprehensive Resource Lists: with everything from insightful articles to time-saving tools (with an eye on unearthing resources you may not know about) and/or get contributions from a variety of different thought leaders within a specific niche.

We won’t focus on things like overly generic, hand-waving “content strategy” that no one ever implements. The fundamental purpose of everything we put on the site will be relating every topic back to tangible activities that will help people with businesses drive more business – getting visitors, getting links, building relationships that will help you drive profits (and we want to hear from you if you think something on the site – anything at all – isn’t serving this purpose).

Why Should You Care?

Because you don’t make enough money! You probably don’t have enough leads and sales, and the ones that you’re getting are costing you more than you want to pay.

Everything we publish on Cornerstone Content (whether it’s things written by the founders, interviews we do with experts, contributed content from content creators and marketers, etc) will be designed to give you actionable advice that will help you grow your user base, your engagement, your traffic, your leads and ultimately your business.

Who Are We?

The owners / operators of the site are Tom Demers and Ken Lyons. You can find full bios various places on the Web if you look for them (we’ve run profitable campaigns with lots of traffic, been mentioned in well-known news outlets, etc., etc.), but the short version is we’ve been in online marketing (primarily search marketing) for several years and think about content creation and promotion from the perspective of marketers and business owners.

We also own and operate Measured SEM LLC, a search marketing consulting company. And we run a Web publishing company (RKT LLC), which is home to several niche sites that generate revenue through lead generation, affiliate marketing and advertising.

So long story short, we’re the guys who will be running (and contributing to) Cornerstone Content. We’ll get content contributions from others as well, including folks who work for us and a range of online marketing heavyweights who are experts in their field.

If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, you can shoot us a note at:

Or at our Measured SEM addresses (same set up as above) which we occasionally answer a bit quicker.

Or send us a note on Twitter at the Cornerstone Content handle (https://twitter.com/cstonecontent), Ken’s handle (https://twitter.com/KenJLyons), or Tom’s Handle (https://twitter.com/TomDemers).