4 Ingredients of a Killer Marketing Story

Pawel Grabowski
by Pawel Grabowski | Last Updated Feb. 5th, 2014

OK, I get it. Your industry is boring.

Your products are dull, people are unmotivated, customers don’t interact with brands and there is hardly any innovation going on. Everyone’s bored.

That’s the realm you have to promote your company in, and do it with words.

But how many times can you write lists of features or product descriptions? And, make them interesting enough

Leveraging The Most From Google’s Love For Fresh Content

Sanket Patel
by Sanket Patel | Last Updated Apr. 26th, 2021

Google sometimes seems to be peculiar for fresh content and is immensely in love with it. Google is trying to display fresh results, prioritizing them first. It has been showing recently published results in it’s SERP’s for several years. However, this love for fresh content has become strong in the last 12 months. This particular feature has been noticed

Ten Killer Tips from the World’s Best Content Marketers

Daniel Threlfall
by Daniel Threlfall | Last Updated Oct. 18th, 2013

Behind every successful content marketing campaign is an awesome content marketer. When you look up at the gleaming pinnacle of their success, it’s hard to spot the foundational level stuff — the effort, strategy, thought, and work. We did some digging in order to discover some of the disruptive ideas and effective strategies that produce success. What you’re about to

The Ultimate Guide to Performing a Content Audit

Kristi Hines
by Kristi Hines | Last Updated May. 5th, 2015

Do you feel like you have a lot of great content, but you’re not putting it to good use? Or you’re just not sure if you have great content at all? If so, then a content audit is the answer. While most people fear the word audit, there’s no need to in this case. It’ simply means you’re going to

How to Write for Thousands of People NOT Just Dozens

Tadeusz Szewczyk
by Tadeusz Szewczyk | Last Updated Feb. 27th, 2014


The Web is a weird place. There are potentially hundreds of millions of people you can reach here, but at the end of the day you will reach no more than dozens usually. Unless of course you know the ultimate secret magic writing formula!

Just kidding. There is none, of course.

Most publications that

What are the Best Topics to Reach as Many People as Possible?

Tadeusz Szewczyk
by Tadeusz Szewczyk | Last Updated Oct. 18th, 2013


People love topics that

  • make them smile
  • inspire them
  • they can identify with
  1. Geeky
  2. Cute
  3. Funny
  4. WTF?!?
  5. Sexy (but SFW)
  6. Positive
  7. Empowering
  8. Wise

concepts work best on the Web.

In case your business doesn’t fall under any of those topics, you may want to adapt so that a larger audience will be able to appreciate your content.

Just follow my real life examples. Please make

Things to Consider Before Interviewing Influencers

Moosa Hemani
by Moosa Hemani | Last Updated Oct. 18th, 2013

The first thing to consider when interviewing influencers is your objective. Are you trying to get additional readers and attention for your blog? Are you trying to get the maximum amount of exposure and links for the specific piece of interview content

32 Essential Tools & Software for Content Creators

Jimmy Daly
by Jimmy Daly | Last Updated Jan. 7th, 2020

Note: Want to get all of the tools listed here linked in a handy spreadsheet, this post as a PDF, and another free bonus?

Best of The Web: Content Marketing Round-up Issue #1

Linda Phan
by Linda Phan | Last Updated Oct. 18th, 2013

This month we discovered that Content Marketing is appearing increasingly more often in mainstream Marketing news as well as on the Business front, and for good reasons. One of those reasons is that most companies today are more likely to adopt a Marketing plan that focuses on Content Marketing than say, on mostly SEO, because Content Marketing at its core