Leveraging The Most From Google’s Love For Fresh Content

Google sometimes seems to be peculiar for fresh content and is immensely in love with it. Google is trying to display fresh results, prioritizing them first. It has been showing recently published results in it’s SERP’s for several years. However, this love for fresh content has become strong in the last 12 months. This particular feature has been noticed heavily in certain sectors, while in other sectors it was not as visible. However, you could still notice that Google has always given priority to fresh content.

A few years ago, or in that case, even 12 months ago you probably wouldn’t have noticed much freshness in the SERP’s. But, now you start seeing more of fresh content with results calling out when they were published. They are getting ranked although they don’t have a good backlink profile, good keyword targeting, or even they are not so authoritative. One more new development is the news results pertaining to the entered key phrases.

This is evidence enough that Google is head over heels for recently published content, and this brings in some opportunity for the SEO’s. If you have witnessed something like this, i.e. a lot of dates, especially the recent dates and also those which are not good enough to rank but were posted on recent dates, there is some real benefit for the SEO purpose.

Here are a few examples to show how Google is prioritizing fresh content.

It was the buzz of the internet marketing industry recently. And, Google has brought to it’s SERP’s the Penguin 2.1 updates that are recent and almost fresh. We just entered the keywords, “Penguin 2.1” and bang we had some of the most recent results as news or blogs or articles. These results are here regardless of how the score in quality. But this update has taken place recently, and Google is bound to bring them on the first page.

Adolf Hitler is still afresh with news and it is evident here in the first page of the SERP’s for the keyword “Hitler”. Someone who existed in the past century gets mention right after the Wikipedia result and holds the place in the top 5 position for some results which were posted only a few hours ago. Google could have brought up results mentioning his history or his work. Instead Google preferred to rank the very recent results on the SERP’s.

Again, rather than mentioning the company’s description or something about it’s founders, Google shows fresh results pertaining to Nestle. These results clearly show us that Google has a strong liking for fresh, recent results that have been posted and are related to the keywords that it receives.

You actually have Google telling you that they are willing to put your fresh content for their audience. This is because Google thinks that fresh content will be liked by its audience. It could also be that Google has gone over the line a little bit for the time being. In the future, they may move the pendulum back.

Know What’s Trending

Firstly, get to know the keywords, phrases and terms with fresh results, and target them with some freshly created content. Especially, if you find highly competitive keywords, through which you normally couldn’t rank. With the help of a newly created content, chances are that you could reach there for a day or a couple of days. Test yourself to check the ability of ranking with the help of some fresh stuff. If it is not possible to hit the front page with a particular high competitive keyword, try doing it with a long-tail phrase.

Decorate Your Old Content

Secondly if there is some old content, there is a dilemma that many of us have gone through. The old content targets some valuable keywords, which are vital for our brand to attract the right audience, and the same have gone down in rankings. In the past you may have been on the top 5 of the SERP’s, however you have slipped to the second or the third page now. This calls for considering an update. Make your old, valuable source fresh with some new things, something that has just emerged and generated curiosity amongst your targeted audience.

Now comes the promotion part. The crucial thing to ponder over here is whether you want to produce the old content with fresh updates on the same URL, or you should redirect it? Only if it is completely new version of your old post, you may think of redirecting it. In such case you could 301 the old version to the new version. Or, if it is really necessary to keep it at the old URL, you could use the rel=canonical to convey that this one is the updated version, however you could still find the old one as well.

Get A Columnist For Regular Updates On The Content

Number three, if there are some hyper valuable keywords that consistently show fresh results whenever they are entered on the search bar, and you see fresh content over and over for the same keywords, it’s time for you to introduce a regularly updated series. Get in touch with columnists, who write a column on weekly basis on the targeted topics or something once a month. Come out with a piece of content on a topic that could be refreshed every month, which could help the purpose of staying a fresh on the SERP’s and deliver the most recent, valuable stuff.

A very good example is the stock market. The prices here change every second. There are different prices, companies, highs and lows and standing. An old page is only useless. Value is only provided when a company’s share prices are constantly updated. Find someplace like this pertaining to your industry which gets constantly updated. This helps in the purpose of staying alive on the top pages with fresh content.

Researching Tools For Valuable Key Phrases

The fourth method involves research to get those valuable key-phrases. The use of tools like Google Trends, Ubersuggest will give some worthy suggestions. News sites could be helpful, as people do searches around them. Keep an eye of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social networking sites as well, which have pages pertaining to your industry so that you could know what is in the trend currently. This research process helps big time in emerging with new phrases frequently, helping the process of fresh content creation.


Keeping these methods in mind, there is something more that shouldn’t be avoided. There are a few rules before taking advantage of Google’s love for fresh content. Firstly, fresh content is not only republishing something that has been recycled. People take advantage of Google’s love by republishing the same content again and again. This should be strictly avoided, as this invites risk from Google’s Panda.

Make sure you are delivering what your visitors want. So, if I want to publish some information on the products of a company, I won’t just say that here are the products. Probably the products are old and there are no new ones being introduced in the company. However, there could be a lot of information regarding that product, which could be shared. There could be new reviews, methods of using the product, updates related to the product, industry news and more that you could do.

Also it is highly recommended to get your feed in Google news. If not that, at least have an RSS feed and promote the content that you’re publishing through social shares.

Lastly, don’t play with the dates. There are a lot of gray hat, black hat guys who are doing this and every now and then and they are even successful with it. The trick is simple; just modify the dates on the publication page to fool Google. This simply black hat technique does work sometimes. What even works is fooling Google by adding new comments. The comment will have the date of the publication, and that will make the results show it as a new and fresh content, and this is a bit weird. It’s not a bad thing if it turns up naturally, however if you are messing with it, there is a big trouble.


Go ahead and take the best advantage of Google’s love for fresh content. Just make sure that you don’t cross the line. The steps mentioned above could be used to come up with fresh content and woo Google to bring your content on the top of its SERP’s


Bio: Sanket Patel – Director  at Blurbpoint Media, a leading Internet Marketing Firm dealing in Organic and Paid Search campaigns, Inbound Marketing, High end Link earning services, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing. He has extensively researched on the ultimate recovery process of Panda/Penguin which is working successfully these days.

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